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Commercial Cleaning

We clean commercial carpet in office buildings and apartment buildings.  We apply the same methods and care to commercial sites as we do when cleaning in residential homes. In addition to wall to wall carpeting, we also clean leather and upholstered furniture, and offer carpet maintenance programs to prolong the life and appearance of your carpet! Call or text 703-298-1446!

Kingstowne Carpet and Upholstery is Alexandria's only Bane-Clene certified carpet cleaning
company.  The Bane-Clene System is a tested, proven and unique carpet cleaning system, which will safely freshen and clean your carpets. Commonly referred to as "steam cleaning", the Bane-Clene system is a hot water extraction system which uses no abrasive brushes or harsh chemicals. Water pressure, temperature, and the pH of the cleaning agent are all carefully controlled. Bane-Clene leaves carpets soft, the texture restored, the colors brightened and better able to withstand future soiling. More than 95% of the moisture from cleaning is recovered with the Bane-Clene System. Carpets dry quickly, stay cleaner, and last longer. 

When cleaning commerical carpet in apartment hallways or office buildings, we use portable equipment which is super powerful, because there is no substitute for excellent equipment.  Unlike some other companies, we do not overuse harsh chemicals or leave excess detergant or soap in your carpet, because this causes rapid resoiling and deterioration of your carpet's appearance.

“Kingstowne Carpet” is locally owned and operated and dedicated to providing A+ commercial cleaning services to Alexandria, VA and surrounding areas. Kingstowne Carpet and Bane-Clene have worked with fiber producers and carpet mills in testing their products, and Bane-Clene constantly updates training programs to include instruction in the cleaning of all new carpet materials. Regional meetings and video training tapes keep Kingstowne Carpet representatives informed of changes in cleaning technology.

Major carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets be professionally cleaned and leading fiber producers and carpet mills recommend the safe, efficient and dependable Bane-Clene System. Regular cleaning "The Bane-Clene Way" will assure dust-free, healthy carpets!  

We are true professionals and always treat your business with respect and courtesy. We consider it a privilage to work for you and feel confident that you will be happy with our professional, prompt service.  If you prefer to contact us via email, please send your question or request to or click on the "Contact Us" page to fill out our short form. 

Please call 703-298-1446 or email for your free estimate or to learn more about our A+ commercial services!
  The owner of Kingstowne Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is a lifelong Washingtonian and an Alexandria resident for the past 15 years.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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